Published date: 2021/03/08
Free online Color (USA) or Colour (British) tools: information, gradient generator, color wheels etc.

Creating a unique and what is very essential recognizable site, it's necessary to take into account the major factor – the color (or colour, British). The success or vice versa the failure of the site depends on the competently chosen color scheme. Color is the most powerful and the most complicated element of the psychological impact. That's why the scrutiny of the issue is the process of the great importance.

Color is the result of the combination of three components: the source of light, the object and the observer. Every color or the combinations of the colors are perceived differently: visually and psychically, emotionally and psychologically. It is undeniable fact that any web designer, working with the color, is guided by the subjective perception. One should remember the color blend is neatly selected by an expert.

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