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The topical efficacies of foscarnet and lukol generic acyclovir integrated into a polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene polymer have been evaluated and myambutol online compared to that of 5% acyclovir ointment (Zovirax) by use of a murine mannequin of cutaneous herpes simplex virus sort 1 infection. All three remedies given 3 times every day for 4 days. Initiated 24 h after infection prevented the event of the zosteriform rash in mice. The acyclovir formulation and online geriforte the acyclovir ointment lowered the virus titers below detectable ranges in pores and online geriforte skin samples from the vast majority of mice, online tadapox whereas the foscarnet formulation has much less of an antiviral impact. Reducing the number of treatments to a single utility given 24 h postinfection resulted in a considerably increased efficacy of the formulation of acyclovir than of the acyclovir ointment. Acyclovir incorporated inside the polymer was also significantly more practical than the acyclovir ointment when treatment was initiated on day 5 postinfection. The upper efficacy of the acyclovir formulation than of the acyclovir ointment is attributed to the semiviscous character of the polymer, online geriforte which permits higher penetration of the drug into the pores and buy theo-24 sr skin. online geriforte